Thursday, 16 January 2014

Need for Speed (NFS) Carbon Cheats, Codes and Unlock Parts

So you want some working cheat codes for Need for Speed Carbon. Here are some cheats and trainer for NFS carbon which you may like. Finish the game very easily with these cheats.

Need for Speed makes some great racing games like NFS Most Wanted, Rivals etc. and Need for Speed Carbon is another 10th addition to their NFS series. It's the first game to get the PEGI rating 12+. It's a very good game with it's story line. If you are looking for some adventure and a good racing than this one will be in your game list. While playing the game you will face some difficulty in completing this game. And from than onwards you may look some cheat codes that can help you in completing NFS carbon. And to make it easier for you here is the list of some working cheat codes and trainer. But you proceed to know about cheats and tricks for Need for Speed Carbon you would like to know the adventurous story of the game. So let's start.

Need for Speed Carbon Cheats, Codes and Unlock Parts

The game is set in the fictitious city of Palmont. Soon after the player leaves the Rockport City ( remember jumping of an old bridge in last scene of NFS Most Wanted) the player drives on a route to Palmont city with his BMW car that he regained after defeating Razor. While driving some past stories flashes in his mind.
A year earlier, player meets with his girlfriend, Nikki and his good friend Darius. Darius told the player about the big race between the top three racers of Carbon Canyon, Kenji Angie and Wolf. He gave the player Toyota Supra and Nikki starts the race holding big cash prize. After the race finishes SWAT teams come and stops it and in hurry Nikki throws the bag containing the cash in the players car. But when the player check for the money than he didn't find any and after that he told this to Darius. Than Darius told the player that he is wanted and the player must leave Palmont City.

During his journey through canyon, Cross arrives ( at some time Cross used to be in police when player was racing at Rockport City but fired when player leaves the city ) and tries to stop player in seek for revenge. After long race player crashes with his car and caught by Cross. But at the same time his friend Darius arrives and pays Cross to leave the player, soon Nikki (players girlfriend) also arrives with her Ford GT and told the player about Darius plan that the player has to pay back the price that he given Cross to leave him. And for paying player has to defeat the bosses of Carbon Canyon. And now the story of Need for Speed Carbon starts.
After racing in different areas, and defeating each one, player meets up with Samson (former member of his crew) who belongs to 21st Street team. Samson revealed some secrets that you will learn while completing the game and he wanted to join him. After defeating all the bosses and gaining control all over the territories Darius told player to meet him, in the meet Darius revealed the truth that he was just using player to gain control over the city and he has brought Cross to arrest him, but the player (you) is saved after the arrival of Nikki. She and player now realizes that Darius was the mastermind to all these races and also Darius paid a corrupt police officer to let the player go and win the races for him. And have a thug attact Nikki so that he could exchange the bag (remember the bag that Nikki throws to the players car after the arrival of SWAT team ). When Darius finds that Nikki is working with the player, he hires the previous bosses Kenji, Angie and Wolf. Than player attempt to defeat Darius and gain control over the Silverton. At last player defeats Darius and leave peace to the Palmont City. After losing the race Darius surrender him his car and told the player to "...enjoy it while it lasts, because there's always someone out there who's a little faster than you are, and sooner or later they're going to catch up...". After that Darius heads out of the Palmont City.

So! getting curious to complete this game after reading the story. To complete this you would need some cheats and tricks to finish NFS Carbon with ease. Take a look below to know some cheat codes and tricks for Need for Speed Carbon.
But you would also like to know how to apply these cheat codes in Need for Speed Carbon. When you will start the game than type the following code when it says "Click to Continue"

Effects on Need for Speed Carbon
Cheat Codes
2005 Aston Martin DB9
2006 Dodge Charger SRT8
Unlimited Crew Charge
Unlimited Nitrogen
Unlimited Speed-Breaker
Unlocks all tracks
Unlocks Auto-zone Vinyl
Unlocks Castrol Cash in Game
Unlocks Castrol Syntec Vinyl
Unlocks Chrome Cars
Unlocks Cooper Tire Logo
Unlocks Corvette Z06 Interceptor (in quick race)
Unlocks Cross Corvette Z06 (in quick race)
Unlocks Dump Truck for the quick race
Unlocks Fire Truck (in quick race)
Unlocks Mazda Dealership
Unlocks Need for Speed Carbon Logo Vinyl
Unlocks Carbon Secret Logo
Unlocks Pharr ell Vinyl
Unlocks Rhino (in quick race)

After adding the cheat codes in the correct time you will be able to activate those cheats for NFS carbon. But if you don't understand how to apply these cheats and cheat codes in Need for Speed Carbon than you may like the trainer which can activate the cheat that you will wish. With the help of trainer you will be able to get unlimited money, unlock all cars and reward cards etc. But for that you will need to download the trainer from here. Now after downloading the trainer follow the following steps to apply cheats in NFS Carbon.
  • Open the Trainer RAR archive and extract it to the specified folder.
  • Now open NFSCeditor.exe and choose your user files of NFS carbon (no need to open the file as it is selected by default).
  • Now you will be able to unlock all cars, increase money etc. in Need for Speed Carbon.
  • After editing with the help of easy to use interface of trainer save the file and start playing the game with the cheat code activated.
NFS Carbon Cheats, Codes and Unlock Parts

Note: You will not be able to regain the locked part or the previous game files which don't contains unlocked parts. So, make sure to make a backup of your user-file from the Documents. It is located at Documents > NFS Carbon > User Files (in this case the name you used in NFS Carbon).

Take a look at the video tutorial below to know how to unlock NFS carbon and apply cheat codes with the help of trainer.

That's all for today! Now start playing Need for Speed Carbon with cheats activated on your game. Play and win the race and on the streets drive safely and responsibly.