Sunday, 12 January 2014

How to Keep Yourself Safe and Secure While Surfing Internet

Internet is full of hackers and malwares. Being online you can connect with the world very easily. Here are some tips to keep yourself secure online

Almost everyone is familiar with the word Internet ( stands for International Network). Internet isn't a very new technology but everyone knows about and use it. We not only use Internet but we are now very much dependent on this new technology to enjoy our everyday life. It has made our life so simpler and easier. Almost every sectors of industry is dependent on Internet like agro-based industry, chemical based industry etc. With the help of Internet we can connect with anywhere in the world in a few seconds of time. There are many social networking sites that we use to connect with our friends and family. Well, we don't need to explain the importance of Internet in our day to day life. But there are many things which we have to keep in mind to be safe and secure when we are online and use Internet.

Keep Yourself Safe and Secure Online

Hacking is another bad part of Internet. With the increase in dependency on Internet some people use this service for creating easy money. Yes, we can earn a lot from Internet but we have to make sure we are earning from good works. Some people use it for earning money from false purposes like hacking bank account, forced advertisements etc. And money people use it only for hacking purposes. Hackers try to take users data share it publicly to everyone or use it for own purposes. These are Phishing, Spams etc. In this post I will try to explain you some steps that you can use for keeping yourself secure whenever you use Internet. So let's see it.

Use Secure DNS Servers

DNS servers are the very important part of Internet. It actually helps to give web-page a name like, etc. You know there are some public DNS servers that you can use for staying away from Phishing and Hacking sites. Some DNS server will allow you to block sites that may not be safe to browse. Just take a look at the complete list of some secure and fast public DNS servers. Apart from keeping yourself safe it can also provide you fast servers which will boost your Internet browsing experience.

Proxy Servers

With the development of Internet some new services is also originating and proxy services is one of them. It doesn't block any phishing or hacking sites but it can help you in hiding your identity and keeping you anonymous. There are many proxy service providers that you can use to browse Internet safely. Some telecom providers may provide proxy for free but not always. Now you can take a look at proxy and anonymous Internet surfing.

Recognize Spam and Hacking Email

You know sometimes hackers try to get the information simply from you. In may cases users itself give their information to the hackers without knowing anything about it. Spam and hacking emails' give hackers a new way of getting users data. That email may fond of giving you some money or it will say that you have won some prizes. But keep in mind it's not going to provide you any prizes and money but it can take some money form you with their false tactics. Do you take look at the URL of the link which comes in email. The links may appear safe and it can also appear that it's from a trusted site. Let's say you love to use Facebook, hackers will simply send you email that will appear that it's from Facebook and you can go to that link safely but that money be good idea for you. In that case you can take a look at the URL that it is referring to. The link may in form of numbers ( for eg. See the image given below to know how to see the referring URL.

Keep Yourself Safe and Secure Online

You can see in the image that you are not going to the web page you thought. Some email providers allow two-step verification. It will give you an extended security. You can go to Outlook and Gmail to know how to setup this extended verification on your account.   So! take a look at the email you receive before taking any actions.

Internet Security and Anti-virus

Yes! If you will use a good anti-virus than it can also help you in keeping you secure. Did you know hackers can also attach viruses and trozans that can help in getting your personal information. There are many Malware and programs that can hack your account. So! always use an anti-virus and Internet security and keep it updated so that you will protected with the newly created threats.

That's all for today! Never give your information to anyone whom you don't know and always try to keep yourself informative and protected towards your security. Try to share your knowledge and information about keeping itself secure to other people you know.


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