Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to Embed/Insert Facebook Posts in a Blog Post or Website

So you want to embed some Facebook posts in your blog posts or on a website page. It is so simple to insert any publicly shared posts on Facebook into your site. Just follow these steps.

Facebook allows to embed any publicly shared posts on a website or blog. You will be able to embed any publicly shared post from personal profiles, pages in your blog or site. Also, the embedded post will show up all the media like photographs or videos attached within the post along with the number of likes and comments on that post . Not only that, your users will be able to like and share the post and the page (or page authors) directly from the embedded post. The benefits for embedding the post in your blogis that it will make your blog more social and it will allow your blog or website visitors to connect with you and your public Facebook page directly from your blog in an easy way. It will also determine your presence on the social networking sites. And now a days search engines pays some importance on social networking site and the presence of a blog and website in social sites. Now if you would like to embed or insert a publicly shred post (or posts) on your blog or website than follow the very simple steps given below.

How to Embed Facebook Posts in a Blog Post or Website

Here is the simple steps for inserting Facebook post on a blog or site with the help of some code provided by Facebook. Follow these steps.

  • At first sign in to your Facebook account if haven't signed in yet.
  • Now look the post which you want to embed in your blog post or site. You have to make sure that the post is publicly visible. If the post is publicly visible than you will see a small globe next to the time of post.
  • Now click on the icon which looks like "V". It will open a small dialog. If you don't understand which icon to click than see the image given below to know where to click and where is the globe icon that ensures that the post is publicly visible.
How to Embed Facebook Posts in a Blog Post or Website
  • Now click on the small "V" shaped icon located on the top right corner of the post. After clicking the icon you will see a drop-down menu were you will get many options including the embedding feature. Just click on on Embed Post.
How to Embed Facebook Posts in a Blog Post or Website
Click on Embed Post located in bottom
of the drop-down menu
  • Now you will have to click on Embed Post from the drop-down menu. See above image to know what I am talking about. After clicking the Embed post you will see a dialog to pop-up just after clicking it. See the image given below to get an idea.
How to Embed Facebook Posts in a Blog Post or Website
  • You can specify the width of he post that will appear on your blog or website. You can change the width from 350 to 750 pixels. Just choose the width that will best fit your blog or website.
  • Now you will need to add the code from the dialog into your website or blog where you want this post to be visible.
If you are a Blogger user than follow the steps given below to add or embed Facebook post in your blogspot blog.
  1. Open your Blogger post editor or your old post in which you want to embed publicly visible Facebook post.
  2. Now switch to the HTML mode and than add the code anywhere in the post where you would wish to make it visible.
  3. If you want to add the post in the widget/gadget section of your Blogger blog than add a new HTML/JavaScript widget and copy and paste the code in the widget section that you have got from the Facebook.
That's All! We all know growing your blog and website presence on social networking site can ensure to get visitor even if your blog page rank on search engines is quite low. Social sites can also help you in ncreasing your sites or blogs' rank in short period of time.  Facebook is used widely on globe and this social networking site can also help you in increasing your blog or website audience. This feature from Facebook will ensure your blog users to keep connected with you on Facebook in a very easy way.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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