Saturday, 18 January 2014

How to Bypass/Skip FileIce Survey for Free

So you want to bypass FileIce survey. Many of you should got irritated with these surveys that never get finished. In this post I will show you how to bypass and skip FileIce Survey in an easy way without using any software. It will only take seconds to download the file.

You can bypass FileIce very easily and that for free. You will just need to know the tricks. At this time completing survey from an Indian IP is very easy and fast. If you don't belong to India than try using an Indian IP address. Many people complains that they are not able to complete the surveys on FileIce. If you are the one and you are getting difficulties and you think that the surveys can't be completed than follow some very easy steps listed below skip and bypass the surveys. For this I will suggest you to use Google Chrome or Opera as these are the browsers I have tested it working. Now after choosing your desired browser open a new window in Incognito/private mode and follow the steps given below.

Before you proceed to know the trick you should know something about these surveys and possible threats that can be caused by the files which your site admin can give to your PC. Survey means you are to get paid downloads for free. But in many cases people don't get the file which they are looking for after completing the survey. Files may contain some Malware and Virus programs that can damage your PC. There are many chances that you may end up with spams and adware. But it doesn't happen every time. If you trust the site from where you have got the download link than follow the given below to download the file by skipping and bypassing the FileIce survey.
  • First open your FileIce link in the private mode.
  • Now click on Regular Download.
  • Now choose "welcome callers on your mobile with your favorite songs!" from the survey list. It may work on other survey list but this one is recommended and checked to be working. See image below to know more about this.
How to Bypass FileIce Survey for Free
  • By clicking that survey a new tab will be opened.
  • When you will see the URL, you will be redirected through several number of URL (Uniform Resource Locater). Here comes the tricks on the redirection URL. Follow next step to know the trick.
  • Now see the URL carefully and when you will be redirected to "" than stop loading the page by clicking X button of your browser. Be fast to stop loading of the page as the redirection takes to fast.
How to Bypass FileIce Survey for Free
  • After you stop the loading of the page when you are at "" you will need to paste the following URL on the address bar/URL bar. See the URL below the image shown below.
How to Bypass FileIce Survey for Free

  • After adding the link on your URL bar load the page again. Now you will see a page something like the image given below.
How to Bypass FileIce Survey for Free
  • Just click on Click Here. After clicking Click Here you will be redirected to another web page that will look something like the image attached below.
How to Bypass FileIce Survey for Free
  • Just wait few seconds while your download begins. You will see your download has started after a few seconds of time.
That's All You will be able to bypass any FileIce survey by following the above steps. If you want to download another file from FileIce than close the browser and start it again. The above trick is 100% working but if somehow it doesn't worked for you than you can complete a very easy survey. It's easy and can be completed within seconds. Follow the following steps to know about it.
  • At first you will have to open your web browser in private mode and after opening your browser paste the FileIce download link in your web browser and wait until the full page finished loading of all the files.
  • Now choose the survey which says "Send Greetings and gifts with GreetZap!". Choose only this survey otherwise the trick or short survey will not work.
  • Wait for the page to load and after the full loading of the page click on Login with Facebook.
  • Now, Login with your Facebook account and wait for a while.
  • Great! You file should have been unlocked. Just grab it.
Note: It's important to close the browser to download another file from FileIce. You can use the browser in the normal mode too. If you use your browser for downloading the file in normal mode instead of private/incognito mode than make sure to clear the cookies and cache to download another time without any survey from the first trick. Another thing to be noted is to follow the steps only if have a good Internet connection otherwise you may not get download files in time or the JavaScript may not load correctly.

That's It! I hope you are able to bypass FileIce survey very easily. It is all about skipping the Survey for free. If you need help leave a comment below and if you liked this trick like and share this post by using the below social sharing buttons.

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