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8 Interesting Google Tricks You Might Not Know

Hey! Do you like Google? If yes than I have brought some very cool and interesting tricks that you must know if you use Google. Google provides almost all everyday Internet related activities. If you want to search anything than I am sure you will use Google search. Say, you want to lookup maps of your surrounding than Google Maps is here for you. If you want mailing list than Google can help you. There are many other things that Google provides like Fonts, Codes, Documents sharing, etc. And almost everything is for free. Here are some cool and interesting Google tricks that you might don't know.
8 Interesting Google Tricks You Might Not Know

Set Timer

Do you know? You can set timer in Google Search. It can be very useful for many peoples. Just try searching Set Timer on Google Search and in the result you will be able to set time and the timer will start. I tried searching Set Timer 25 minutes on and you can see the result in the picture given below.

Interesting Google Tricks

But when I tried this on it doesn't work. But if I search for Set Timer on than you can set the timer. Here is the screenshot.

Interesting Google Tricks

Share Search Query

If you want to share your search query, just send the recipient(s) and URL with the following format:…
For example, if you want to direct your friend to use Google to find out about Blogging Tricks, just send him or her the link like shown below.

Search Tricks

Google also provide you the possibility of some advanced search. Let's say you want to know your IP address than you will only need to search "what is my IP" without quotes and Google will show your Public IP address. There are many instances that you may want to know which currency is up and which is down than for that you can search for that. Say you want to know about INR and Dollar than you can search for INR in Dollar and after that Google will come up with the result.

If you wish to search only within a site, type in "site:<sitename>". For example, to search for the phrase "how to hack" within site, type in: "how to hack" and wait for the result. In the result you will see all the pages with keyword "how to hack" of this blog indexed in Google. If you want to search all the pages of particular site than place the URL address after site. If you are searching all the pages of my site than you will search "" without quotes.

If you are looking for definition than you can also let Google to define your text or word. If you want the definition of of word noun than search for "define:noun" without quotes mark.

Do you want to know the time of any country or place? If Yes, than Google search is here to help you. You can know the time it is anywhere in the world. Search time with the country name. If you want to know the time of India than you will search for "time India" and hit enter.

You can also search in Google with filetype. If you are looking for particular file type than add filetype:abbreviation-of-filetype-here. Let's say you want to search for PDF file of Exam BluePrint than you will search for Exam Blue Print "filetype:PDF" without quotation mark.

You know you can also know the weather of any place. To know the current weather and forecast of particular city or place than type weather followed by city name. If you are looking for weather forecast of Paris than type in "weather paris" without the quotation marks.

This one is last Google Search Trick but not the least. If you are looking for number conversions than Google search is here for you. Let's say you want to convert miles to kilometers than search for 2 miles to kilometers if you want to convert 2 miles into kilometers.

Mail Filter

You receive mails from a certain address and you  would like that mail to be sorted apart from other mails you receive in your inbox. No problem, you just need a new mail filter. To set it up, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click "Settings".
  3. Click Labels -> Create new label.
  4. Enter the new label name.
  5. Click Filters > Create a new filter.
  6. Enter the "From" address.
  7. A pop-up will show up asking: "Your changes have not been save. Discard changes?" Click OK.
  8. Tick the box "Skip the Inbox" (Archive it) and select the label you wish to apply.
  9. Tick the box "Skip the Inbox" (Archive it) and select the label you wish to apply. 
  10. Click "Create filter".
That's it. Now every mails from that email address will go to the label/folder that you have created now.

Share Maps

You can share maps within your site. For that you will need to embed some HTML code in your site which you can get from the Google Maps site. Go to Google Maps and search for the place which you would like to share in your site and after that expand the right sidebar & copy the URL to add the Map on your site. You can also copy HTML. Just add the HTML in the place you would like to show that Map.

8 Interesting Google Tricks You Might Not Know

Create and Share Documents

Do you want to create a Document that you would like to share to your friends and family than for that Google Drive will help you in sharing your Documents. Just create a new Document in Google Drive and follow the method provided here to share your Documents with Peoples and Friends. You can make the document visible to everyone online, only with people who have your Document link, required sign in.

8 Interesting Google Tricks You Might Not Know

Share Documents Collection

If you want to share a collection of documents, first you will need to create a new one. Once you have created the collection, each document you add to that collection will be shared with all the people you shared the collection with.

Create and Share Source Code

So you are a programmer and you would like to create a web project that you would like to share with other peoples and developers than Google Code is a pretty good site to start a new web project.

8 Interesting Google Tricks You Might Not Know

More with Google Translate

Google Translate is a very useful online translation tool, but in many cases far from perfect. Let's say you have to translate a Chinese text to another language that is not English (e.g. Russian), and you don't speak Chinese but you know to speak Russian and English. To improve the usability of Google Translate, rather than translating from Chinese to Russian directly, translate from Chinese to English and than manually from Russian to English (with the help of Google Translate if necessary). This will avoid appearance of many useless translations.

That's All. Hope you like these tricks.

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