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How to Increase Internet Speed with Public DNS Servers

So you want to increase your Internet Speed by using free Public DNS servers. I have brought some very fast Public DNS list that will make your Internet browsing much more smooth than before.

Hey! Welcome to this site. In this post we will discuss how to increase Internet speed with the use of free public DNS servers. If you think your Internet is working too slow than your expected speed than there may be chance that your ISP is providing you slow DNS servers. In that case you can change your DNS server manually. It is free and easy to use. But before changing your DNS address you have to find a DNS that is fast and free to use. So, today I will provide you some fast and free DNS servers that you can use to get good Internet speed. There are many benefits of using good Public DNS Servers that I will discuss a little later in this post. These DNS servers are working awesome for me and I am sure it will also work good for you. Now let us first learn something about DNS servers and how it is used and what is the importance of DNS.

How to Increase Internet Speed with Public DNS Servers

If you browse Internet too often than you should have come across many DNS servers without knowing anything about it. DNS is very important part of Internet. You know without the use of DNS you may not be able to enjoy some very basic features of Internet. DNS servers is just like a Phone book but with many more feature. You may have hundreds of phone numbers that you use in your everyday life. Most probably you will save your number that is important to you. Now if I say you to remember those hundreds of numbers than it can be difficult for you to remember all those numbers and time consuming. If you don't know what DNS is than you may be wondering how your phonebook is related to DNS servers. Actually all the web pages and websites are hosted in a server which has a fixed/static IP address. Without the use of DNS in Internet you will need to browse sites by typing it's IP address. It is little difficult to remember the IP address of all your favorite sites. Now the DNS (Domain Name System) comes into use. Actually it provides those Static IP address a name (host name) that is easy to remember. When you type a web address or a website name than your browser sends this information to the DNS system and than the DNS system looks for the IP address that is connected to the host (website) that you type in your URL bar. If first DNS system doesn't find the IP address connected to the site you typed than it sends this information to another DNS system. It keeps going own until the DNS System finds an IP address connected to the host name (web address) you typed in your browsers URL address bar. Now you have understand the importance of DNS address in everyday Internet related activities. See the image given below to quickly see how DNS server works.

How DNS Server Works

You know Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use their own DNS address making it much easier for users to browse the Internet. It keeps you away from setting up DNS servers yourself. But you may come across many instances when those DNS servers are not responding and if it is working than it may be working very slow to browse the Internet smoothly. So, in that case you can use free Public DNS servers which is nearest to you. They can provide you more faster DNS servers than your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you think you are not getting much speed and if you would like to use Public DNS servers than see the list of some of the very fast DNS servers below. You will need to change your DNS address manually. Don't Worry if you don't know how to change DNS address, I will show you how to change DNS address little later.

Google Public DNS

You may be familiar with lot's of services that Google provides to their users. But apart from that Google also provides a DNS service which is both fast and free to use. If you would like to use Google's Public DNS servers than change your DNS servers with the DNS given below.
IP Address: and
It is located in Mountain View, California, USA. Google also provides IPv6 Dns servers: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844.


OpenDNS is also a very popular DNS service provider. It is fast and you can use this DNS server if Google DNS doesn't work for you. Have a look at it's IP address. If you would like to use OpenDNS in alternative to your previous DNS server than use the DNS address given below.
IP Address: and
It is situated in San Antonio, Texas, USA. It can work for you. If it doesn't work fast than take a look at another Public DNS Server given below.

Norton ConnectSafe

It is another fast and free DNS provider. It can work great if previous Public DNS don't work. Norton provides many DNS servers and it provides many feature in those DNS servers. Take a look at the DNS servers list of Norton given below.
Norton Connect Safe 1 - It's IP address are and If you will use this DNS address than it will help you in blocking Malware and many Phishing sites. It can also block scams site. It is situated in Mesa, Arizona & Cupertino, California  of USA.
Norton Connect Safe 2 - Ip address is and It blocks everything listed in Norton ConnectSafe 1 and in addition it also blocks Pornographic sites. The servers are located in Mesa, Arizona & Cupertino, California, USA.
Norton Connect Safe 3 - Norton ConnectSafe 3 provides Ip address group of and It will help you blocking everything listed in previous servers and help you keeping yourself secure with sites which may appear not look friendly for family.

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure also provides good DNS servers. If you would like to use their DNS servers than change your DNS address to and It will automatically block sites which will be related to Phishing and Hacking. The DNS Server of Comodo Secure DNS is situated in Louisville, Kentucky & Charlotte, NC USA.

If none of the above provided DNS server don't work for you and if you are still getting slow Internet than you can try using the Public DNS Servers given below. At the same time you can contact your Internet Service Provider to solve your problems with Internet Connection.

Securly: Change your DNS Server to and It also help you in blocking adult websites.
ScrubIT: You will need to replace your network DNS with and ScrubIT will help in blocking Pornographic sites and the site which will appear malicious.
DNS Advantage: Configure your DNS to and It's server is located in Sterling, Virginia, USA.
SmartViper: If you like to use Smart Viper than change your DNS address to and It is located at Birminghan, Alabama & Tampa, Florida USA.
OpenNIC: It provides you number of DNS servers. If you would like to use DNS servers provide by OpenNIC than click here to find out the DNS IP address list that is best and nearest to you. OpenNIC will look for the DNS IP which will be best for your use.
Let's take a look at the video given below to know configure or change DNS server.

That's All. If you don't know how to change and configure DNS server than take a look at the video here to know changing your DNS server with these Public DNS servers. I hope this post provided you some information about DNS and some of the popular & fast DNS servers.


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