Friday, 27 December 2013

How to Get Unlimited Ammo and Health in IGI 2

Do you enjoy playing IGI2? Now let's see what to do to get unlimited ammo and health in IGI2. It will allow you to keep your health unlimited in IGI game. After using this trick for IGI2 you will surely become the king of this game.

After many days I am sharing a cool and interesting trick for game lovers. Do you enjoy playing IGI2? Of course you like this game. But many of you may be facing verious difficult situations in completing this game. It's because the missions are really tough and you can't complete whole IGI 2 without using it's cheat codes. There are many hacking tricks for IGI available in the Internet but most of them don't work. And this is the reason I am sharing these cheat codes to you. After reading this post you will be able to play this game without losing any health and ammo. We'll use a lite application to achieve the immortality and infinite number of ammo in this game. You will have to download the software from the link that I will provide you a little later in this post.

IGI2 Unlimited Ammo and Health

Let's first know what this software will do. It will allow you to keep your health unlimited in IGI game. And if the health will not decrease then you will never die in the game IGI. You will also be able to get unlimited ammo and bullets in the game. After getting this software for IGI2 you will surely become the king of IGI2. Now let's see what to do to get unlimited ammo and health in IGI2. Getting curious to know this working trick? See the process given below.

Follow each step and after that you will be able get unlimited health and ammo in IGI2
  • First of all you will need to Download a small software from here (18.4KB).
  • After downloading the software open it.
  • After opening you will see lot's of options as it is shown in the image given below.
IGI2 Unlimited Ammo and Health

You can see various options given in the software like it is in the above picture. All you need to do is open the downloaded software and then after opening start playing IGI2. You will need to press these keys o activate unlimited ammo and health. See the list of cheat keys and it's functions.
  • After downloading the above given software open it.
  • Now play IGI2. In the play screen type the keys given below.
  1. F1 - It is for unlimited health cheat in IGI2. You will be able to freeze your health after pressing F1 key on the play screen of IGI. Don't forget to keep the downloaded software running in background to make the trick work.
  2. F2 - It will allow you to get unlimited ammo in the game IGI2.
  3. F3 - This will freeze Magazines.
  4. F4 - Pressing this key will give you unlimited Grenades.
  5. F5 - After pressing the F5 key you will be back to normal.
If you still don't know what to do then just open the software that you have downloaded from this page and press F1, F2, F3, F4 keys simultaneously. And after that you will be king of the game IGI2. Now see the video given below:

That's All about getting unlimited ammo and health in IGI2. I hope you will love this cool trick for IGI2 game. Keep Visiting for more tricks.


  1. Did you followed the steps correctly?
    1) Open the trainer.
    2) Open game and choose a location.
    2) Press the hot keys while playing game. For example - Press F1 for unlimited health.

  2. how to download

  3. You mean trainer? You can download from

  4. Does freeze the mouse during game play and forces a reboot. DO NOT USE!!!

  5. Never happened with me. Make sure you have enough RAM and capable processor. It can happen if you'll run multiple programs in the background. Try using Game Booster. With Game Booster installed, I am able to play even NFS The RUN on 1.9 GB RAM and 2.8 GHz processor.

  6. Thanks. Works like charm.

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    what to do now?


    Go to link.

  9. this file is not avaible longer so0 how i download

  10. Go to -