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Top 5 Free Screen Recording Softwares

Yes, you can record the activities of your desktop. Many of you will like to share some amazing activities that is happening in your monitor screen. You can use these Software to record a gaming video as well.

Yes, you can record the activities of your desktop. Screen Recording software can be very essential part of your computer if you want to record a video on How to guide. Many of you will like to share some amazing activities that is happening in your monitor screen. You can use these Software to record a gaming video as well. Some of the software in this list may not be able to record gaming video that I will mention it below the software name. All the software's to record screen records video in high quality at relatively low size video. But if you would like to record large file size video than you can do it as well. I have tested all these software on my Computer and I found that these Screen Recorders are really awesome.

You may be fearing that these software will add watermark on your video file but if you are thinking that than you are wrong as these software's are free to use for lifetime. And all of these software record videos that will be playable in all media players and video editing software. Most of these Screen Recorders record videos in AVI format and some allows to convert videos to any video file format. All of these software are awesome and that's why I am sharing these list to you. Now let us see the list of top 5 screen recording softwares and some good screen recorder that is popular and free to use.


Ezvid is first on my list and it deserves to be in first when it comes to tones of features for free. This software can record videos of monitor screen in high quality and it also offers recording of game play. And the video can be edited through it's video recorder program. You will also be able to upload videos directly to YouTube. It comes with some sound clips which you can insert in your video if you wish. Just see the screenshot below and click Get Ezvid which is below the screenshot of Ezvid to download this software.

Free Screen Recording Softwares

This software works great and records video smoothly. It offers some features which is very impressive. Now see another free screen recorder below.

Camstudio Free Screen Recorder

It is another great video capture software. You can record activity of monitor in high quality. The video recorded with Camstudio is little large in size but you can use a plugin named ScreenPressor on this software which will compress the recorded video to small size without losing any video quality. You can manually change the frame speed and bit-rate to the one that will best fit your video. You can choose if it will capture Mouse Cursor or not and you can also enable or disable system sound. Take a look at the Screenshot below and if you like this Screen Recording software than click Get CamStudio button to download this Software.

Free Screen Recording Softwares

Blue Berry Screen Recorder

It is also popular by name BB Flashback. It can also record video from your webcam. If you haven't any webcam or if you don't want to use webcam than you can do this too. If you want to use your webcam to record yourself than after recording you can edit video and place or position webcam video in the place you want it to appear. It can record video in AVI file. This Screen Recorder also allows to choose the direction of recording video. Their is also an option to upload videos after recording to YouTube. You will need to register quickly for a free account to Download this software. Now see the preview image below.

Free Screen Recording Softwares

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder

It is another Screen Recorder Software which is packed with bundle of features. You can also record your video online if you want to do that. Otherwise download this software and install it to your PC. It allows recording videos at good quality. Their is also an option for Game lovers to record gaming videos. It also offers to capture both system and microphone audio. With this you will be able to convert your Screen Video to any file format. See Screenshot.

Free Screen Recorder

Microsoft Expression Screen Recorder

It is a free utility by Microsoft which can record screen video in very good quality. If you don't like any of the screen recorder mentioned above than you can use this Screen Recorder provided by Microsoft. You will need to download this codec to ensure that it will work properly Now take a look at the demo image and than download this if you would like to use

Free Screen Recording Softwares

These were some of the best free screen recording software's which are packed with bundles of features. But if it is not enough until now than you can see the list of some best screen recording software which is free to use. Some of the Game Screen Recorder Software below can be available in free and paid version that I will mention it on software details. Now see the list below.

Webinaria Open Screen Recording Software

Webinaria is a free and open source screen recording software which is very simple to use. It can record video of entire screen and program window. You will also be able to select custom area for recording your screen videos. It is capable of recording videos in three frame rates i.e., 5, 10 and 15 Frames per Seconds. All the videos are recorded in AVI file format. Just take a slight look at the software screenshot.

Free Screen Recording Softwares


It is a free Game Screen Recorder which is also available in paid version. It records gaming video in very good quality. The video is smooth enough. It will require administrator access on your computer to start recording game screen with Fraps. All you need to do id download and start recording your on-screen game videos.

Free Game Screen Recording Softwares

MSI Afterburner

It is another game screen recorder software which is fully free to use. By free I mean it will not add or insert any watermark on the recorded video. It can record gaming video in good quality. To start recording you first set a shortcut key for recording. After creating shortcut key you can press that key to start recording game screen of your favorite games. It will not take much CPU usage. Now see the screenshot to know more about this screen recorder software.

Free Screen Recording Softwares

That's All! These were some of the best available free game and monitor screen recording software which are free use and share. If you liked these software's than please take a little time to share it to your friends and family so that they can also know about these free screen recording software.

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