Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How to Create Tables in Blogger Blog in Easy Way

So you want to add Table in your Blogger blog post. It is very easy to create Table without the need of any programming knowledge. In this post I will show you how to create a beautiful table in Blogger blog.

Blogger is one of the best Blogging platform when it comes to ease. Lots of users use this blogging site to write their blog and share it to their friends. But it lacks some of basic functions like SEO. A few days ago I wanted to create a blog post with Table. But I don't find any way of creating Tables in Blogger blog with the use of GUI (Graphical User Interface). It means for creating a Table in Blogger blog you will need to learn a bit of HTML Programming and you will need to manually add proper HTML tags. But most of the Bloggers use this blogging site because it is simple and easy to use. After a little thinking I found that we can create a good looking Table in Microsoft Word very easily. You may be wondering how to add the Table created by Microsoft Word in Blogger blog. So, I am writing this post on adding a Table in Blogger Post very easily with the help of Microsoft Word.

Well, there are many easy methods of adding a Table in Blogger. I am not going to tell you about all of them. Out of all the possible methods I found that Microsoft is the easiest one. It's not only easy to create a Table in Word but you can create and customize it to look very good and you can create the one which will fit in your blog. In this post we will first create a Table using Microsoft Word and than after creating a Table we will add that table in the Blog post. Let's see how to do it.
  • At first open the Microsoft Word and create a Table.
  • To create Table Open Microsoft Word and than navigate to Insert > Table. And than choose a style. You can change the font style, font size, background color, border color etc.
How to Create Tables in Blogger Blog
  • You can take a look at the Table created by Word shown in the image below. Alternatively, you can take a look at the table in the post on some working cheat codes for GTA Vice City.
How to Create Tables in Blogger Blog
  • Now after creating a Table in your desired style you will need to save this Word Document.
  • Wait! Don't save it as a Word Document file format. You will need to save it as Webpage,filtered format.
  • To save navigate to Option > Save as > Other formats. Now choose webpage,filtered format from drop menu.
How to Create Tables in Blogger Blog
  • After saving the Table created with word in the webpage format you will need to open it.
  • Just open it with any Web Browser.
  • Now Copy the Table from Web browser. Since their is only your required table and so you can press CTRL+A to mark all Table and than press CTRL+C to copy it in your Clipboard. See the image given below.
How to Create Tables in Blogger Blog
Just Copy the Table and Paste in Blogger Post Editor
Phew! we just created a Table. Now you would like to add this Table in your Blogger Post. It's very easy to add this in blog post. Just Paste the Table you just copied now in your Blog Post. See the process explained below.
  1. Go to your Blogger Account.
  2. Now create a new blog post.
  3. Now you can paste/add the Table you just created now in your post. You can press CTRL+V to paste the table in your post.
  4. Done. Great! You have inserted a Table in your Blogger blog.
That's All! I hope this post will help you in creating a good looking table in your Blogger blog. You can create any type of table in Microsoft Word and than add that Table in your Blogger blog by following the above steps. If you need any kind of help or if you are facing difficulties in adding Table in your blogger blog than feel free to ask me.

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