Sunday, 3 November 2013

How To Submit Blog/Site To Dmoz Open Directory

Dmoz Open Directory Project which is started in 1998... Dmoz is not only old but it has gained many trust in that period of time... I will show you how to submit blog or site to Dmoz open directory

Hey guys, In my previous we talked about Blog spams. It's very necessary to keep your Blog clean and safe. And today I will show you How To Submit a Blog in Dmoz. If you don't know about Dmoz than you have to know about it. It's a Open Directory Project which is started in 1998. It's very old site and have a very good rank in search engines. Dmoz is not only old but it has gained many trust in that period of time. It's the most widely human operated directory till available now. The ODP powers some of the most popular portals like AOL Search, AltaVista, HotBot, Google, Netscape Search, etc.
If you get listed in Dmoz than it will be like one more SEO step for your blog or website. A link from Dmoz can give you high pagerank. But getting listed in Dmoz is not that easy. It can take few weeks to months and year. You have to make your Blog unique that will make different from other sites.

Dmoz allow submission of Blogs. It is really free and easy to do it. You can follow the steps given below to submit your website in Dmoz Open Directory. You may like to read Submission Guidelines before submitting your site/blog to open directory.

Now follow these steps to submit your blog to DMOZ.
  • First of all go and choose your preferred category. First choose a general category. I choose Computer. See the image below to know where to click.
How To Submit Blog To Dmoz Open Directory
You can choose different Category than computer
  • In my case I choose Computers > Internet > Web Design and Development > Promotion > Weblogs. You have to choose different category. Choose the category which will best fit your Blog. It's very important to submit your website in appropriate category. Keep searching for the category until you find the one which will fit your Blog.
  • Now after finding the most appropriate category for Blog click on Suggest URL which is located on top right hand side. See the image given below to know where is the suggest URL link.
How To Submit Blog To Dmoz Open Directory
See Suggest URL in small circle
  • Now after clicking the suggest url link you will be redirected to a page named "Submit a site to the Open Directory". Here you will fill your blogs' URL address, your blog title and a short description and your E-mail address. After filling all the fields enter the captcha and click on Submit button.
How To Submit Blog To Dmoz Open Directory
Write your site or blog URL

How To Submit Blog To Dmoz Open Directory
Enter Your Site Title Here
  • After clicking Submit you will be redirected to a page that says Submission Received. Now one of the editor will review your submission. As I mentioned above it may take very long time to get listed in Dmoz. So, Be Patient.
How To Submit Blog To Dmoz Open Directory
Final Page of Submission on Dmoz Open Directory
  • Now enjoy. Wait you are not approved by Dmoz Open Directory. This is actually the difficult part. Just wait and wait and wait until you get approved.
Some get listed in few weeks and many have to wait months and year to get listed. After getting listed it may increase your site rank to some extent. Getting backlinks from a trusted and quality site can play a very important role in your Sites SEO. It is trust that your users will get from your Site. It may be very difficult to create quality links for your site but once you get that trust than no you will see the result is positive than you expected. You may be wondering How to get that trust and the answer is quite simple, you will only need to provide good quality content to your Users. Well, you have created your blog/site for the users and you have to make sure that your users are able to get benefits from your website or blog. You will have make a reason to visit your site. And the reason is the quality contents that you will give your users in return for visiting your site.

I hope this post help you in submitting your blog or website in DMOZ open directory. If you like this tutorial than you will also like to receive our latest post at your email desk. If you have any question to ask than feel free to contact through contact form or do the comment below.

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