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How To Use Heading Tags For Better SEO

Today, many bloggers are facing problem with search engine optimization... Most bloggers are confused which SEO trick will play a role in optimizing their blogs' ... I will show the use of heading tags for better SEO... search engine reads the contents of your pages just as human reads it.

Today, many bloggers are facing problem with search engine optimization. Most bloggers are confused which SEO technique will play a role in optimizing their blogs' rank in search engines. There are many SEO technique and each one have its own importance. Many of the bloggers decrease their page rank by using the tips that's not at all necessary. So, I am sharing this post to make you familiar with using heading tag for better search engine optimization. Let's start the tutorial.

Use Heading Tags For SEO

Heading tags starts from H1 and ends with H6. Each tag has different importance in post page. H1 tag has most important value and H6 has least value. It is used to differentiate the heading of the blog/website page from rest of the content. You should keep in mind that search engine reads the contents of your pages just as human reads it. And Spiders pays more importance to the Headings, Highlighted and bold texts. And if you use these tags in wrong way then it may decrease your page rank.  Many bloggers use H3 tag for headings. It is really not a good idea to give posts' heading as H3 tag. You can use this tag for sub-headings. H1 tag is reserved for the blog's post title and you should always use H1 tag for Post title. Don't use H1 tag in blog's content. It should only be used once per page.

How To Use Heading Tags For Better SEO
Proper Use Of Heading Tags

So, which Heading tag should you use for Blogs' heading. Did I said you anything about H2 Tag. Yes, you should have to use H2 tag for post heading for better SEO. It will really help you in optimizing your page. I will explain you how to implement H2 tag for Post title in Blogger in the below topic. If you don't use Blogger than you can skip to the final words and if you want to read it for knowledge than sure. Who knows if you will want to blog with Blogger in near future. But first let us know the importance of heading and which things to avoid while creating these tags.

How To Use Heading Tags For Better SEO
Digrammatic Representation Of  Heading Tags

Importance Of Heading Tags

  • Headings plays a very important role in determining the content of your Blog.
  • Search engines always likes to check the relevancy of heading tag with the entire content which is associated with it. So, always try to give your best efforts on explaining the content under particular heading in your blog properly.
  • Heading Tags gives users a clear data about the content of your post. Whether the user find the topic which he is looking for.
  • It helps in increasing user experience and search engines also pays attention on user experiences.
  • By using heading tags the users will get the choice to read the topic in which user is interested in reading.
  • Web Page layout becomes much clean and it will give your blog or website more advanced feel.
  • Spiders pays attention on headings. So, it is necessary to keep atleast one heading in your blog.
What To Keep In Mind While Creating Heading
  • Never use Blog heading in a wrong way. By wrong way I mean never try to add silly Keywords in your Heading. It doesn't mean that you will not have to add keywords in heading. Use it in systematic way so that it looks normal.
  • Don't fill your Post heading with the only use of Keywords.
  • Never ever try to use H1 tag more than one time. Use it when it is very much necessary.  If you will use it many, many times in your Blog than search engines spiders will think that you are using wrong keywords in order to get much better rank in Search Engines.

Optimize Blog Post Title Using H2 Tag In Blogger

As I said you should not use H1 tag for post title as it reserved for title of the page and since the H3 tag is given less importance. You only have the option to keep H2 tag as post title. So, How To Use H2 Tag In Blogger. Follow the below steps carefully to use it in your blog.
  • First of all go blogger Home and sign in with your Google account.
  • Now you have to go to Dashboard.
  • In the Dashboard navigate to Template. You should first make backup of your template by clicking Backup/Restore Template which is located on top right hand side in Template page.
  • As you have made backup of your template. Now click on Edit HTML on the Template page.
  • Now search fr the code given below. If you use different heading tag then h3 tag then search for that tag.
<h3 class='post-title entry-title'>

  • After you find the above code. Replace "h3" with "h2" without quotes.
  • Now scroll down a little and replace "</h3>" with "</h2>". If you are facing problem then look at the code given below:

<h3 class='post-title entry-title'>
      <b:if cond=''>
        <a expr:href=''><data:post.title/></a>
        <b:if cond='data:post.url'>
          <b:if cond='data:blog.url != data:post.url'>
            <a expr:href='data:post.url'><data:post.title/></a>
You were searching for the in blue. And you have to replace "h3" with "h2". Don't use H1 tag because it is reserved for site/page title.

  • After you replace the "h3" or "h1" (the heading tag that you use). Save the Template. It will really improve your website rank in search engine. The SEO may take more than a month to take effect depending on your websites or Blogs rank.
Final Words
You may have come across various other SEO tips such that the proper use of Keywords, implementing Metatags in Blogs or Websites, creating links across the Web etc. All these may fail to work for you. Using heading tags for better SEO may also fail to work. You may not get any benefits of the available SEO tips. But keep in mind the most important thing for SEO is the precious paragraphs that you have written with so much of hard work and determination. Yes, if you will give more stress on making your content more detailed and easy to read then you may not require any of the SEO tricks. That's why it is always said that the "Content is the king". Do you think of a blog that has created both content and the SEO best. Well either use any of the SEO tricks or not but always keep your content as simple as possible. Put all your imagination on your blog. It is rightly said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge and knowledge is limited but imagination covers all round the world". It is fully your choice to use the trick you like. The blog is yours and you know it better than anyother else. So make your best blog an example for others.

That's All. Hope you like this tutorial on using heading tags for better SEO.

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