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How To Get Approved Adsense Account In Few Hours

So you want an Adsense account to get approved in few hours. When it comes to advertising than Adsense is the first choice of every blogger. But getting approved by Adsense is so much difficult. There are tons of Terms and Conditions in Adsense which you have to follow in order to get approved by Google Adsense. And if you have read this post on How to get approved by Google Adsense then you may have little fear if you will be approved or not. In this post I will show you easy method to get approved by Adsense. Yes, you heard right there is an easy method to get approved by Google Adsense. In this tutorial I will explain you step by step procedure (with picture) to get approved by Adsense.

How To Get Approved Adsense Account In Few Hours
Want an Adsense Account

Gone are the days when you have to wait days to get approved by Adsense. If you will follow this tutorial carefully then I am sure you will get an approved Adsense account in few hours (less than 1-2 hour). But don’t keep anything in your website or blog after getting approved by Adsense. If you will break any TOS of Adsense than you may get your Adsense account cancelled in near future.

Without wasting more times on these boring lectures lets’ start the step by step tutorial on getting approved by Google Adsense:

How To Get Approved By Adsense
  • If your adsense account got disapproved than you will need a new Google account in order to get approved. So just create a fresh Google account. 
  • After creating your new Google account sign in to YouTube and upload a unique video. Make sure you are not uploading video which is copyright or you don’t have any permission to upload that video. After getting your video upload it to YouTube. Don’t forget to fill appropriate tag words and description. It is very necessary. 
  • After video uploading finishes go to the YouTube Account Monetization page. Link of monetization page is given below:
  • Now you have to enable monetization for your YouTube account. Just click on “Enable My Account”. Screenshot is given below. 

Enable Monetization 

  • After clicking enable my account you will see YouTube TOS page. You have to accept all the terms of service of YouTube Account Monetization. The screenshot of the same is given below. 

Accept Terms Of Monetization 

  • Finally click on Monetize button. You can see the screenshot of the same below. 

Click On Monetize Button 

After this step you will receive an E-mail. Just read it.
  • Now go again to the YouTube Account Monetization page. Link to the monetization page is given below. 
  • After you go to the monetization page expand How Will I Be Paid. Now click on the link associate an Adsense account. The screenshot of this is given below.
How To Get Approved Adsense Account In Few Hours
Associate an Adsense Account

  • After clicking on the link you will be redirected to Adsense page where you will have to setup your Adsense account. Accept the program policies and click on continue.

    • Accept Program Policies

  • Now you will go to next step. Now fill all your credentials or information. Make sure everything you are filling is correct. Your Payee name must match with the name in your Bank account. And Address is very important. You can read this article to know how to write address in Adsense. 
  • After filling all details click submit button and for 1-2 hours. After 1-2 hours you will receive an E-mail containing approved Adsense account. 
  • Now sign in to your Adsense account. 
  • After signing in click on account settings on homepage. 
  • Now you have to go to Access and Authorization section which is available at the end of account settings page. Now click on edit which is written next to “Only host sites are allowed to show Ads on your account. 
  • Now the time to write your website url on which you will like to show Ads. 
  • Finally, implement the Ad code on your Website. 
  • If you want to implement Adsense Ads/code in your Blogger blog which get disapproved follow below steps:

How To Implement Adsense In Blogger

  1. Go to Blogger Home > Dashboard > Earnings. 
  2. After that click on “Switch Adsense Account”. 
  3. Now you will be redirected to Adsense page. Click on Proceed to Sign in and sign in with your newly approved Adsense account. 
  4. Finally, you will be redirected back to Blogger Adsense page. 
  5. Done. You just implement an Adsense ad for your Blogger Blog.

If you followed each steps carefully than you surely got approved Adsense account. If you are facing any sort of problems than you can comment.

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