Saturday, 7 September 2013

vodafone 3g vpn tricks working september 2013

Vodafone 3G VPN Trick Working September 2013

Here is exclusive New Vodafone 3G VPN Trick based on vpnbook, I have added 2 New Server which are  predicted to be Working fine all over India with high speed ,since old proxy were not working hence,  Many users were thought that Vodafone 3G trick blocked, but the trick wasn't blocked, So I have made new configuration file with high speed Proxy i have also solved disconnect problem Don't worry for speed capping problem use this configuration File and your speed wont be capp, and it  will give you more then
250-300 speed  in internet download Manager sorry our  visitor however this configuration file won't support torrent but u can use BYTEBX
If u want torrent support vpn comment below i will update trick with premium vpn  which will be torrent support if u like our post please like us on Facebook.


Zero Balance Condition  > Working AT Zero ball as well as Working with Blocked sim

 Speed Capped Problem  >  No speed Capped Problem Working With High Speed

 HTTP AND HTTPS Protocol Supported > Many of the online users use web like ebay and other secured website which uses HTTP protocol are the under the service.
Download Status > you can download the file parallel and can even resume it.


1.  APN - www

2.  Download configuretion file 


3.  Download Support header (open vpn)


4. Install open vpn go to my computer then go to program file then go to open vpn folder and open it and paste configuration file in vpn config folder then close folder and back to your desktop connect your modem and open open vpn and connect it will be connect.....Enjoy

Note - If the trick Doesn't work at zero Ball pl maintain Rs 1.
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