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How To Use Pen Drive As Ram

Want to use PenDrive as extended RAM for your Windows XP and Windows 7 Computer than follow the very easy steps given in this post to use your Memory Card and Pen drive as RAM to make your Computer yo work more faster.

In the previous Hacking Tricks tutorial, I showed you How To Create Pen drive To Turn Off System Automatically. Does your Computer lacks good RAM Memory or does your existing RAM Memory is not enough for your Computer. If yes, than I am sure you will like this post as in this post I am going to share a very interesting trick that you can use to use any pendrive as extended RAM for your Computer. You can also use Memory Card and Card connected in computer through Card Reader etc. In this Hacking Trick I will tell you how to use pen drive to increase ram of your computer. This trick will really improve your computers performance. Let's start the tutorial...

Use Pen Drive As Ram
Use Pen Drive As Ram
In this post I will explain you detailed steps on using pen drive as extended RAM in Windows XP and Windows 7. Now see the very easy steps given below to use pen drive as Ram for your computer.

How To Use USB Pen Drive As RAM In Windows XP

  1. First connect your pen drive to computer. Note that pen drive should be at least of 1GB.
  2. Now right click on the my computer and then click properties.
  3. Click on Advanced Tab and then Performance.
  4. Now click on Advanced and then click on Virtual Memory
  5. Select your pen drive icon and click Custom size.
  6. Now view the memory available in your pen drive and note it down then click on OK.
  7. Restart your computer and enjoy your fast system.
That's It... You will be able to use your USB Pen Drive as RAM in your Windows XP Computer. Now follow the steps given below to use pendrive as RAM in Windows 7 PC.

How To Use USB Pen Drive As RAM In Windows Vista And Windows 7

  1. Insert an empty pen drive.
  2. Go to properties.
  3. Click 'quick boost or ready boost' set allocation value to maximum.
  4. Chose 'allocate this device'
  5. Hit Ok.    
That's it!! Now the pen drive will act as an external RAM, thus making the PC to work more faster than previous one. . .
I Hope You Like It

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