Monday, 9 September 2013

How To Write Auto-Deletable Tweets

How To Write Auto-Deletable Tweets

Today we are living in the world of technology. Everything is much advanced today. Whether it be your phone or computer. Whether it be your Web Browser or website. So today I am going to share one more cool post i.e how to write auto delete-able tweets on twitter. Sounds good huh!. Suppose you want to share an offer with your friends which is going to be ended in 24 hours then if you will share that offer on your twitter account then that offer is not so important after 24 hours so in that case you have to delete that tweet. But don’t worry using this post you can make your work more easy. Here is an app available for twitter users that help you to set timer for your tweet. After the time completed. tweet will be automatically deleted. So now question is that how to use this app on your twitter account. Here is the step by step instruction for you. Just follow each step carefully and you will do it.

Step 1:
First of all you have to install Spirit app on your twitter account, to do this just visit to and install that app.

Step 2:
Now twitter will ask you for app access , so just click yes.

Step 3:
Now you have almost done. So now to set timer for your tweet. Just type your tweet and add # tag in the last in this format  #1m or #1h or #1d. Here #1m means that tweet will be deleted after 1 minute. m= minute , h= hour & d=day.


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