Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How To Stop Hackers From Hacking Your Facebook Account

Hey H&T Users today I Am Going To Share What You Can Do To Keep You And Your Facebook Account Secure.

The easiest way for hackers to steal your account is by phishing method. All they have to do is create a legitimate looking page telling you that they need your user name and password to log in. There are two main ways this can happen, from within Facebook or via email. From within Facebook, here's the thing to remember... if you are logged in, you WON'T need to log in again short of losing your internet connection. If someone sends you a gift app that requires you to log in to see the gift, DON'T!!! I have made it a point to weed out the crAPPs (as I call them) by removing people from my friends list who send them. One crAPP posted to my wall means you're out!!
Via email, you may receive a legitimate looking email saying that your account has been compromised and have a link within the body of the email to log in. DON'T USE THE LINK!! Instead, go directly to Facebook and attempt to log in as usual. IF your account is truly compromised, you will receive a message from Facebook on attempted login.

The next way any hacker can get your password is by brute force. These are simple hacking tools that use number/letter combination and try again and again until your password is found.

They might need 2 things for this to work:  Your user name (email account) and possibly your date of birth. These are easily found within your info page within your profile. FIRST... hide these from prying eyes.
Go to Account>Account Settings>Privacy Settings and change your birthday settings to "Only Me".
Then go back to Privacy>Contact Information and set your email to "Only Me".
By doing this, you have just removed the most easily accessible 2/3 of the information any hacker needs.

The final step is your password. This is the single-most important piece of the equation... and you should follow this advice in ALL your important web sites you visit, especially banking, PayPal, eBay, Credit Cards and other critical sites.
MOST brute force hacking tools can only do number/letter combinations up to 8 digits... some can do more. The key here is the combinations of what they can do. I HIGHLY recommend the use of special characters in your password such as _ - + = / \ | * & ^ % $ # @ ! ~ etc. Brute force hackers CAN'T do these symbols! Also, make your password more than 8 characters. Use number/letter/special character combinations with the use of capital letters thrown in.

These Can Also Help You In Keeping Facebook Account Secure

You Can Enable Log In Notification so that whenever you or anyone will login to your account than Facebook will send you a notification that someone have logged into your account

To Enable Login Nofication
Go to Home > Account Settings > Security > Log In Notification. Put a Check Mark on your preferred option and click on save changes button.

You should check your Active Sessions. If you notice any unfamiliar activity or location than click on end activity. Don't forget to change your password after that.
  • To Check Active Sessions
Go to Home > Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions.

You can enable secure browsing to make your account more secure.
  • To Enable Secure Browsing
Go to Home > Account Settings > Security > Secure Browsing.

You should change your password in certain intervals of time.
  • To Change Password
Go to Home > Account Settings > General > Password.

I Hope This Help You In Keeping Your Account Secure. Don't Share Your Personal Data If You Don't Know Him Personally. Keep You And Yourself Secure.

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