Friday, 13 September 2013

How To Make Google Drive's File Publicly Accessible

How To Make Google Drive's File Publicly Accessible

This tutorial will make you familiar with Google Document and How to make file in google drive public.

Making Files In Google Drive Public

Follow Each Step Carefully And you will be able to make your Google Drive's file accessible to anyone on the web.

Step 1
Sign In To Google Drive.

Step 2
Open The File Which You Want To Make Publicly Accessible.

Step 3
When The File Is Opened Click On share Button Which Is Available On The Upper right Corner. You Will See A New Menu.

Step 4
Below Who Has Access, You Will See Who Has Access To This File. Click on Change.

Step 5
Now On The Visibility Option 'Tick' Public On The Web.

Step 6
Click On Save. And Copy The Link Which You See On The Top After Saving Your Settings.

You Are Done. Your File Is Accessible To Everyone On The Web.

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