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How To Make Blogger Look Professional

Well well well, no doubt blogger is awesome place for blogging. Day by day blogger's users is increasing. Maybe it is because Blogging with Blogger is so simple. You don't require much technical knowledge in Blogger. Many bloggers prefers WordPress than Blogger. But you know a little home work can make your blog look more professional. After so much hard work I collected every possible trick from which you can make your Blog look Marvelous. Read below article and I am sure you will make beautiful changes with your Blogger blog.
How To Make Blogger Look Professional
Make Blogger Look Professional

1. Add Custom Logo
Add Custom Logo To Make Blogger Look Professional
Add Custom Logo

You should try using custom header image for blogger. A website with good header image often brings peoples attention. This will make your blog look more like a professional blog. More often a website. There are many websites which allow you to create a logo for free. I have collected some lists for you
If you want more professional feel than you can use Photoshop to create your logo

2. Custom Background
Add custom background image in your blog. Choose the picture that will determine your website type. Customize your Blog extensively. Change Font styles, color etc.

3. Forward Custom Domain Name
Instead of having your URL be, you can have your URL be a more professional You can buy a custom name either at a domain registration site or through Blogger (for $10 a year). Forward a custom domain to your blog. It will make your blog look more like a organization. It will give professional feel to your blog.

4. Add Social Sharing Buttons
Make Blogger Look Professional by Adding Social Sharing Buttons
Add Social Sharing Buttons

Add social sharing buttons in your blog so that your visitors can connect with you through social connection. You can create a Facebook or Google+ page for your blog. You may also like to add Facebook like box or Google+ community with you blog. It will allow your fans to directly connect with your social sites.

5. Create Custom Pages Like Contact Us, About Us, FAQ etc.
Create Custom Page To Make Blogger More Professional
Create Custom About Us, Contact Us, FAQ page

Many professional bloggers like creating custom Contact Us and About Us page for their Blog. Trust me it adding custom Contact Us and About Us will also make your blog look professional.

6. Customize Comment Box
Many of you may not like default comment box of Blogger. If you don't like your comment box style you can also customize it according to you. It will require a little Computer knowledge. Over all it's quite easy to customize it. If you want to customize your Blogger comment box than have a look at below link:
There are many professional comment system available like Disqus IntenseDebate also provide good Comment Box. Choose the one which fits you.

7. Add Custom Favicon
Add a Favicon to your Blog: A Favicon is the little icon that shows up next to a website address in the browser bar.

8. Remove Attribution
You can also remove powered by blogger attribution: It will make your blog look more like a professional website.

9. Other Templates
You can also look for other templates. There are many website which provide professional template. provide awesome Blogger templates. also contains number of free premium themes.

If you are so much ambitious than you would like to custom design your entire site
And if you know coding or html then God knowswhat is the limit to completely transform your website. Blogger allows you to edit every part of your website. For that you have to know little coding. 
If you can dream it up then you can probably code it in Blogger.

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