Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How To Install WordPress In 000webhost

How To Install WordPress In

Are you facing problem in uploading WordPress files in or don't know how to install WordPress. I have solution for you. In this tutorial I will provide you detailed instruction on installing WordPress in 000webhost or any other hosting provider. So let's start the tutorial.

Installing WordPress In 000webhost

Step 1
First of all you need to download latest WordPress software, if you haven't downloaded till know. You can download the software from here. Second, you need to register to hosting provider (I will assume you are registering with 

Step 2
You need to unzip the software. Now download FTP uploader like Filezilla or SmartFTP. You can download any of the two. You can't upload directly from 000webhost file manager as they don't allow uploading large files but you can upload WordPress files from ftp uploader.

Step 3
Now you have to create my sql document. After you have created the sql in 000webhost copy the details and fill it in the wp-config-sample. I will assume you know where and how to fill the credentials in wp-config-sample.php file of WordPress.

Step 4
Now open ftp uploader like Filezilla or Smartftp And Upload all the files including to your server (you can get your ftp details from 000webhost).

Step  5
Go to your website and fill all the credentials.

Congrats you have installed WordPress in 000webhost.

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