Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How To Disable Seen Feature From Facebook Chat

Hey Guys I'm back with another Facebook trick. If you use Facebook than you were familiar with seen feature in fb chat. It tells the users if your message is seen or not. Today I'll explain you how to disable this feature. So Let's proceed the tutorial.
There are many Plugins that can disable seen function from your Facebook chat. It means, your friends will not be able to know whether you have seen his or her message or not. It's quite a cool feature and many people will surely like it. Many of you may not like to show your friends that you've seen his message or you don't want to reply to your friends message at that time.

In this post I will tell you how to disable seen feature on Facebook with Facebook Unseen extension for Google Chrome. If you want another extension for Chrome and Firefox or other browsers than you should take a look at the post on How to Disable Seen Feature from Facebook Chat.

First of all you need Google Chrome.

Now install this extension – Facebook Unseen on Google Chrome.

That’s it now when ever you will read message of your friend then he/she can not see that you have seen his/her message or not.

You can download this extension for Google Chrome from here. Just download and enjoy.
Hope You Like The Trick.

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