Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How To Chat With Command Prompt Using Ip Address

In the previous we showed you how to create matrix effect with simple batch file. In this tutorial we will show you how to chat with ip address. After reading this you will know how simple it is. You just have to create batch file. Don't worry I will show you how to do this.
You Can Know Your Ip Address By Typing My Ip Or What Is My Ip In Google Search. You Can Also Type "ipconfig" In Command Prompt. There Are Many Sources To Find Your Ip Address. It is used to find your approximate location based on your ip address. Let's Start The Tutorial On Chatting In Command Prompt Using Ip Adress.

Chat In Command Prompt Using IP Address

Want to know how to chat using command prompt.

Step 1
First of all you will need to get the ip address of your friend's system or whoever you want to chat. If you are using school or college system than the ip address will be in particular range.

Step 2
Open Notepad and paste the code given below and save it as .bat extension. Just name it as message.bat.

@echo off
echo TypeIPAddress
set /p n=IPAddress of user:
set /p m=Your Message Message:
net message %n% %m%
Goto A

As I said save it as message.bat

Step 3
Open the file which you saved. If you saved it as message.bat than open this file. As it is a batch file it will be opened with command prompt. It will look something like below
Chat In Command Prompt Using Ip Address
Chat In Command Prompt Using Ip Address

Step 4
Type your friends ip address after ip address of the user and hit enter.

Step 5
Type your message. In your friends system command prompt will be opened with your message.

That's All.
Hope You Like It.

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