Monday, 16 September 2013

How To Add Favicon In Blogger Blog

How To Add Favicon In Blogger Blog

Welcome To Hackers & Thieves. In The Previous blog I illustrated you How To Add Floating Navigation Bar In Blogger. It was very much viewed. And this post is very basic for blogger users. In this post I will guide you how you can add favicon for your blog. Addition of favicon is very necessary. It shows how professional your blog is. Let's start the tutorial.

Adding Favicon In Blogspot Blog

Step 1
You Thought Right. You have to sign in to your blogger account. Then Go To Dashboard > Layout.

Step 2
After you go to layout. See Top Left Corner Of the Layout. You will see box in which Favicon Is written. Click On Edit.

Step 3
Choose a photo which is of square size ( The photo should have .ico file extension ).
Click Here To Know How To Create Favicon.ico file.

Step 4
Click Save.

You have created favicon for your blog. It might take some time for the favicon to start appearing on your blog. So be patient.

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