Friday, 2 August 2013

How to create a confession page on Facebook using Google docs

creating a confession page on Facebook using Google docs. In this post you will learn simple steps on creating anonymous Confession page on Facebook

From the past few months, confessions on Facebook Pages have been increased. Many schools and colleges allows confessions but most of the pages are created by users and the students who study on that school. There are many-many confessions and you will find almost all of the schools confession pages are on Facebook (created by school or students). And the interesting pat of this is that even the admin of the page will not know about the users who is confessing (unless the confessioner explicitly describe about himself/herself on comments).

How to create a confession page on facebook using Google docs

Is your school or college have any confession page? If not you may want to create it now. Either you want to create or not, you'll surely want to know how to create one and its working process.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page
Now without wasting time, lets know some simple way to create one confession page on Facebook. We will first create a Facebook page.
  1. Log in to your Facebook account and create a page from this link.
  2. Select "Cause or Community" (or anyone which you want) and give it a name as per your need.
  3. Once you are done with step 2 , Upload a suitable logo/profile pic and cover pic to your FB Fan page so that your audience can easily distinguish them form other similar confession pages.
  4. Next you need to create a confession form and provide a link to it in the About section of the Facebook Fan Page where the audience will make their confession without having to reveal their identity.
Create a Confession page using Google Docs
With the help of Google Docs, we'll create a form which will allow your Page users or school students to submit their comments and confess.
  1. Visit and sign in with your Google account.
  2. Click on "Create" and Select "Form".
  3. Choose one of the themes and Click on "Add Item" and Select "Paragraph Text".
  4. Customize the blank fields and save it to continue.
  5. Now Click on View Live Form and copy the URL and shorten it if you a shorter URL. If you want to shorten the URL than you can use Google URL Shortener or any other service. You can now paste this URL in the about section of your Facebook page.
Now, while editing the form, Click on Choose Response Destination and select New Spreadsheet. Name your form and save it.

A Google Doc file will be created. Whenever someone fills that confession form via the link that you provided in your Facebook page about section, you will get a message on that file. Just copy the confession from the spreadsheet and paste it on your page along with a confession number.

That's it! I wish you find it easy to create your first confession page. If you're facing difficulty than feel free to comment your queries below in the comments.

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