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Creating More Than 20 Static Pages in Blogger

Today I Will Share You A Nice Trick From Which You Can Create More Than 20 Static Pages In Blogger

Creating More Than 20 Static Pages in Blogger

By default, if you will try to create 21st page then a message will appear on your screen like this:

page limit

To create additional pages perform following steps. But please perform each step carefully at your own risk. I will prefer you to first test this in a test blog

  • First create 20 pages than go to second step.
  • Once you create 20 pages, click on “Edit” button of the first page. See below screenshot.

page menu

  • Now copy the URL of that page from the address bar as shown in below image.
page url

  • Paste that URL in any text editor like notepad. Please keep it saved. If you lost this URL then you won’t be able to retrieve this page again.
  • Now we have to delete this page. Don’t worry we will get it back again. To delete this page go back to edit pages and delete this page. Now you have 19 static pages left in your blog which means you can create one more page (page number 21) because you have deleted a old page (page number 01).
  • Create new page which will be your page number 21.
  • Now you have 20 static pages again in your blog counting from 2 to 21. Now we have to retrieve our page number 1 which we deleted first. So to get back that page simply open a new tab in your browser and paste the URL of that deleted page which you copied in step 3.
  • You will see that the page is now appearing on your screen. Simply click on “Publish” button.
  • Once you click the publish button your deleted page will come back and now you have 21 static pages in your blog.
  • Perform these steps as many times as the number of additional pages you want in your blog.
  • Finished

I hope You Like The Trick About Creating More Than 20 Static Pages In Blogger

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