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Tips For Getting Most Of Iphone

Tips For Getting Most Of Iphone

Hey guys , got an iphone and want to get most of it. There is a mighty selection of apps, activities and attractions to get you going and keep you busy. But where do you start?

The first thing you’ll probably want to get sorted is what you can use your phone to do and what limits your handset has. One of the main pieces of kit that make this phone so much better than its predecessors is the A6 processor chip. Because of this you will notice that everything you do on your phone is twice as fast as the iPhone 4s including the CPU performance that controls graphics and loading times.
The processor also ensures your battery life is much more efficient, but before you immediately plug in your new toy to charge it up let the initial charge go down. This will help to improve the long term health of your battery life – a little trick not many people know – which can be helpful if you chose to change your phone again in the near future.
Most of us are now continually connected to the internet for one reason or another. Apple has now made this much easier with LTE and HSPA, HSPA+ and DC – HSDPA. These two make sure that your connection is super-fast. Built for speed the LTE technology is optimized to offer you a better battery life on a thinner phone. The next generation in mobile internet allows dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity meaning ultrafast connections wherever you are. Although if you want to keep your monthly bills down try to stay connected to Wi-Fi most of the day.
Those of you who like to get your online casino games going also have a place to play at The 4inch retina display offers a larger, brighter (326 pixels per inch) and more reactive screen for gamers and teamed with the A6 processor that loads graphics and sites 2x faster this really is the prefect phone for gaming. To ensure your slots game doesn’t drop mid spin, its best to connect to Wi-Fi and if that drops you’ve got your mobile internet as back up. If you like you’re seeing the roulette graphics at their finest then you’ll want to keep your brightness up. But if battery life is more of a priority when playing, keep the brightness low and you’ll be gaming for hours. 
Stick to all these tips to get the most from your iPhone through day to day usage and it’ll improve your experience. You’ll grow to love your phone even more.

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