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How To Copy CMD Output To Windows Clipboard


Today I will Explain you how to copy command prompt output to windows clipboard. But first Will make you familiar with command prompt. So let's start the discussion.

1. What is Command Prompt ?
Command Prompt is command line interpreter used in Windows OS. Command Prompt is used to enter commands in it and execute those commands to operating system.
2. What is Command Prompt Used For ?
Command prompt is basically used to execute commands to operating system. If you know the commands then you can easily use it. Command Prompt is available in all windows os e.g Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc. 
3. How to Open Command Prompt Console ? 
It is very easy to open command prompt console. Just open run command in windows by pressing WINDOWS + R and type cmd & hit ENTER to open command prompt.

How to open command prompt console?

It is very easy
1. Click on start.
2. On search programs and files type cmd and press enter.

Copy cmd output to windows clipboard

  1. Open CMD.
  2. Type any command by following | clip . e.g. ipconfig/all | clip 
  3. Now open any text editor and PASTE output.

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