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Font Changer Extension For Chrome Users

Font Changer Extension For Chrome Users

There are lots of chrome extension available in Chrome web store. Today I have brought to a interesting extension for Google Chrome from which you can change the font of webpages.I will provide you with installation  extension as well as complete procedure on how to use this extension. So let us start.

Download Link For Font Changer Extension In Google Chrome

Step 1
After completing the installation you will see icon in chrome extension bar like below. Just Click om the icon

Step 2
After clicking on icon you will see menu screen like below.

Global Settings – If you set global settings then its means this setting will be applied on every website which you will open through chrome.
Custom Settings - Using custom setting you can set font style , size etc for particular website. e.g you want to set font setting only for facebook then you can use Custom Setting and keep the global setting normal
No Settings – Suppose you want to apply default font style on all websites so just use NO SETTING OPTION.
Font Name – This option is used to select font name which you are going to apply on websites
Font Style - This option is used to give style to your selected font. e.g you can make font italic or oblique using this.
Font Weight – This option is used to make font bold , bolder or lighter.
Font Size - This option is to help to increase or decrease font size of a website.

We just finished font changer extension tutorial.
Hope you like my tutorial

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