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Try Redesigned Chrome Home On Your Android

Many modern apps now-a-days keep commonly used actions on the bottom of the screen. It's very reasonable for the users who uses large phones. There is a flag on Chrome for Android that moves the address bar to the bottom of the screen. This option is available from a year, but it wasn't quite stable. There aren't any improvements on the stable version of the app, however, if you use the developer or canary version of the web browser then you'll love the new design.

Try Redesigned Chrome Home On Your Android

The address bar now works perfectly and beautifully shows URLs and search suggestions as you type. You can also pull the address bar to reveal the suggested articles, recent downloads, recent bookmarks, etc.

Try Redesigned Chrome Home On Your Android

One of the most interesting features for the chrome home is the new bottom tab UI. It now shows four shortcuts to Home, Downloads, Bookmarks, and History. If you want to try this, then follow the steps written below:
  • Open Chrome and type chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home on the address bar.
Try Redesigned Chrome Home On Your Android
  • Move to the highlighted select menu and tap enable option.
Try Redesigned Chrome Home On Your Android
  • Relaunch the browser.
  • That's it!
Try Redesigned Chrome Home On Your Android

If you aren't able to click on the Relaunch Now button after enabling Chrome Home on the stable version of the web browser then just select "default" or "disabled" option from the select menu and close the browser.

Tip: You can swipe left/right on the address bar to quickly switch between the open tabs.

Customize Progress Bar Animation on Chrome for Android

There are two secret flags on chrome for android that allows us to tweak the progress bar animation. I tested all of them, and they work quite smooth. Take a look at these flags and see if you like any animations other than the default.

Customize Progress Bar Animation on Chrome for Android

The first flag allows to choose the animation. There are six different options available:

Customize Progress Bar Animation on Chrome for Android

  1. Default: It has a little to animation.
  2. Disabled: As the name suggest. Choosing this option will disable the progress animation.
  3. Linear: It shows the progress smoothly in a single series as the page loads.
  4. Smooth: It is actually similar to the default animation, but with a little higher frame rate.
  5. Smooth Indeterminate: It is similar to fourth animation but shows lite animations when page stops loading.
  6. Fast Start: Choosing this option will make the progress bar to load faster in the first portion of the site and slower as it finishes.
The second flag allows to choose page progress bar completion time. There are five different options available. See the image given below.

Customize Progress Bar Animation on Chrome for Android

If you would like to change the progress animations then follow the following steps:
  • Open chrome on your android smartphone and open flags page. Type chrome://flags on URL bar to open the flags page.
  • Scroll down to Progress Bar Animation flag and choose your desired option. Tip: Search for  progress-bar-animation using the Find in page option from the menu.
Customize Progress Bar Animation on Chrome for Android
  • Click on the relaunch now button to save your new setting.

Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper on Windows(and Mac)

Windows and Mac has several high quality wallpapers for us to choose. It is one of the most important part of an operating system. We spend several minutes on different websites to get a wallpaper that perfectly blends with the widgets.

Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper on Windows(and Mac)

Windows 10 has a feature called Spotlight that regularly updates the the desktop wallpaper with new and vibrant photographs of places and geometrical figures. However, if you don't use Windows 10 or if you have different taste in photographs, for example: Paintings! Then try Artpip. It is similar to the Google Wallpaper Art extension for Chrome browser, however it doesn't choose the arts from Google Cultural Institute.

Artpip has plethora of paintings to choose from. It has various customization settings. You can select how frequently your desktop wallpaper will be updated. There is also an option to choose the category for the artwork. It can easily be disabled to start at login! If you're interested, follow the following steps to get started.
  • Go to this link and download the Artpip application for your Windows or Mac.
  • Install and run the application, the wallpaper will be automatically updated after launching the program.
Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper on Windows(and Mac)
  • To customize the duration of the update or if you want to change category, launch Artpip and click on the customize button. You can then select the custom option and tweak the settings according to your desire and save it.
Tip: You can also customize "which century the artwork will be from".
  • Click on the Settings icon on the left sidebar to change start-up and notification setting.
Get New Artwork For Your Desktop Wallpaper on Windows(and Mac)

They also allow to order a reproduction of the art, anyhow I haven't tried it yet.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

Google Play has huge number of games in their store, and new ones are released almost every week. But not all of them are interesting, many times some of the games are the rip-off of the old game, and few are just a store house for ads!

There are many popular console-quality games available for high-end android smart phones, however majority of the people prefer time killers over them. I personally prefer time passing games and these are my favorite games.

Note: Click on the title of the game to download it via Play Store.

The first game in my collection is Blackies! They are tiny furry creatures who loves solving puzzles. In the game, you'll be playing as Blackies, and their aim is to reach the box which contains a flag.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time
Tiny Furry

The game will become very difficult to play as you reach the higher level and with the progress, the blackies will develop many new interesting moves and skills.

Infinity Loop
It's a simple game and the objective is to rotate the pieces skillfully, so that there are no open ends. The puzzles are developed by fans, and the interesting ones are selected by the developer. It has a free version, too.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

Grab the free version from this link (Play Store).

Mars: Mars
MarsCorp has taken the first group of volunteers to mars. There are many stations on the planet and the astronauts have to explore them, and they can skip few station (if they can!).

Your aim in the game is to jump from one station to another using the thrusters.

Alto's Adventure
It's a old game but you'll love it if you haven't already tried it. It's a endless running game and you can only control when to jump, nevertheless you can perform many tricks mid-air.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

There are 180 objectives and you'll have to complete three objective in one level. Also, every 10 level, you'll unlock new character. Have you already tried it?

It's an awesomely designed puzzle game.  I love puzzle games and this is one of the best puzzle game I have ever played. Beautiful graphics, simple yet difficult to play.

Your aim in the game is to help a tiny robot to reach the destination. The game requires you to think out the box and challenges your organizational skills.

Some other games you might like:

2-bit Cowboy
It's a great game. A little similar to the classic Super Mario, but more adventurous. You can ride horses, bulls, minecarts. Tip: It's free now.

Best New Android Games for Killing Time

True Skate
It's  a street league skateboarding mobile game. It has only one skate park, however other parks are can be added by in-app purchases.

There are many other addictive games but these are my new favorite? What are your favorite time killing game?

Disable Compression of Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 10

In the Windows 10 OS, some of you might have noticed, when you apply a new wallpaper to your desktop, then the wallpapers' quality is automatically reduced to save memory. It can be useful for many users, especially, if you have a cheap CPU.

Disable Compression of Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 10

When you change the desktop wallpaper, the system compress and save it as "TranscodedWallpaper" file in "AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\" directory. The "TranscodedWallpaper" file is actually the compressed image file.

Note: Windows only compresses JPEG files. The other file types such as PNG will remain unchanged.

Some of you might not like this feature, and you will prefer quality over little improvements in performance, this tutorial will help you to keep the image in its original form. Today, in this post I will show an easy registry tweak to disable the automatic compression of JPEG image files. Follow the following steps carefully.
  • Open RUN dialog box, then type regedit and press enter key.
Tip: You can press Win+R key combinations to open the RUN dialog box.
  • Navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" key.
  • In the right side panel, create a new DWORD JPEGImportQuality and set its value to 100 in decimals.
Disable Compression of Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 10
  • Save and restart you PC for the changes to take affect.
  • The quality of the old desktop wallpaper will not be changed. You can re-apply the previous wallpaper though.
Tip: If you set the DWORD value to 100 then the compression will be completely disabled. By default, Windows set the value to 85%, but you can change the value as per your liking.

That's it for today. Keep visiting for more Windows tweaks.

Make Cortana Search With Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes packaged with many new features and programs like Start Menu, Microsoft Edge, Cortana etc. Cortana is Microsoft's personal digital assistant which was first introduced as a part of Windows Phone 8.1. Bing plays an important role in the accuracy of this digital assistant, and it won't exist without Bing.

Make Cortana Use Google

Cortana provides search results through Bing and there isn't anyway to change it to other search engines like Goggle or DuckDuckGo. If you prefer to get the web results for your inputs via Google or any other search engines then you have to use thirds party applications to redirect the Bing URL to your favorite site. If you want to know this tweak, here is how...

Note: You can't redirect from Bing to Google in Microsoft Edge as neither it has any built-in way to do so nor it supports any extensions.
  • First of all, change the default web browser to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you don't have one then you can get it here (Chrome) and here (Firefox).
  • To change default web browser, press Window key + I [to open settings], click on the System setting and then select Default apps. Now scroll down to the Web browser section and change it to Firefox or Chrome.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10
  • It'll now make Cortana to search the web through your chosen default browser.
We can now use any web browser extension to redirect Bing to other search engines. This feature is built-in on the latest version of Firefox. You'll just need to enable the option to use the default search engines for searches from Windows. Read the following simple steps to know how to do this.
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click on the Menu and then select Options. It'll open the Preferences page.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10
  • Next, click on the Search tab. Now choose Google or any other search engines from the drop-down menu from the Default Search Engine section.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10

Tip: Type "about:preferences#search" in the address bar to go the Search settings page easily.
  • Check the option that says "Use this search engine for searches from Windows" to redirect all the web queries [from Cortana] to your default search engine.
If you're using the older version of Firefox then try Bing-Google add-on.

Google Chrome don't have any option built into it to redirect search queries to your desired search engine. But there are many extensions available to accomplish this.
  • Bing2Google is the simplest extension for Chrome to redirect every search queries from Bing to Google. Go to this link and install the extension on your Chrome.
  • If you use DuckDuckGo or Yahoo as the default search engine then try Chrometana. Go to this link and install the extension. You'll have to change the search engine via Chrometana options.
Make Cortana Search Google Instead of Bing in Windows 10
  • That's all!
Note: Cortana still makes searches from Bing, but the extensions change the URL to the search engine of your choice whenever Cortana tries to show the web results through any of these web browsers.

How to Select Text by Character, Word, and Paragraph

Selecting or highlighting text is one of the easiest task in Windows. It's a thing which even novice computer users are familiar with. If you're a blogger then you've to copy and paste text hundreds of times in a week! But do you know there are multiple ways for text selection? Yes! All of you might not be familiar with this feature Windows operating system.

Today, in this tutorial I will show you various tips and tricks for selecting texts in a much easier way. Excited? Then read below.

Select one character at a time
It's easy and you already know this. Click ONCE right before the character you want to copy and pull the mouse cursor over the text you want to select/highlight, the text selection will advance by one character as you pull your cursor over it.

How to Select Text by Character, Word, and Paragraph

Select one word at a time
You might not be familiar with this. If you'll double click your mouse before you begin selecting the text then text selection will advance by highlighting one word at a time.

How to Select Text by Character, Word, and Paragraph

Click TWICE right before the word you want to select and pull your mouse cursor over the text, interestingly text selection will advance by highlighting one word at a time. Similarly, you can double click on a word to highlight it.

Select one paragraph at at time
Triple click on any of the paragraph on this post to highlight the whole paragraph. If you want the text selection to advance by one paragraph as you move your mouse then click THRICE on the first paragraph and pull your cursor downward (or upward).

How to Select Text by Character, Word, and Paragraph

This trick will completely work on all the versions of Windows but I am not familiar with other operating systems like Mac OS or Chrome OS.

Combine Address & Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most customizable web browser. Unlike Chrome and Opera, you can change almost everything in the browser. In one of my previous post I showed you an interesting tweak to make Firefox look like the all new Microsoft Edge web browser.

Combine Address & Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox

If you use Firefox as a default app to browse the web then you might have noticed that the search bar and address bar are separate in Firefox and you can't search from the address bar in most cases. Actually, Firefox's address bar also supports search functionality but you won't get any search suggestions, and you can't search a website URL using location bar. There are millions of people who use this web browser, some people prefers to use separate address and search bar while some people like 'em combined.

Omnibar is a small extension which merges search bar and URL address bar into one. It also shows suggestions for search keywords and URL as you type, and you can customize the number of suggestions too.

  • If you like this extension then go to this link with your Firefox browser and install the extension.
  • You may need to restart Firefox after installation.
This extension also allows you to search a keyword using two or more search engines at the same time. For example if you want to search "" on Google Bing and Yahoo at the same then type @google, yahoo, bing in the address bar and hit enter.

Combine Address & Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox

Foobar is another great extension which does  the same task. Like Omnibar, this add-on also have three different skins for the suggestions box. Both of these extensions accomplish the task quite brilliantly. Try both and see which one sails your boat.

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